CTA-Aus Personnel

Here is a list of the people involved in CTA-Aus, including their research interests.

University of Adelaide
Associate Professor Gavin Rowell: gamma-rays and the interstellar medium | CTA-Australia leader
Professor Bruce Dawson: cosmic-ray physics
Dr. Jose Bellido: cosmic-ray physics
Emeritus Professor Roger Clay: cosmic-ray physics
Professor Peter Veitch: LIGO
Professor David Ottaway: LIGO
Associate Professor Martin White: particle physics/dark matter theory
Dr. Sabrina Einecke: CHEC commissioning, gamma-ray astrophysics and analysis
Neville Wild: electronics technician
Dr. Fabien Voisin: ISM studies, cosmic-ray/electron propogation
Dr. Paddy McGee: website support, outreach

University of New South Wales
Professor Michael Ashley: TeraHertz astronomy
Dr. Nigel Maxted: spectral line studies of the ISM
Dr. Catherine Braiding: radio studies of the ISM

Western Sydney University
Professor Miroslav Filipovic: supernova remnants, X-ray and radio continuum astronomy, Magellanic Clouds
Dr. Nick Tothill: interstellar medium

Australian National University
Professor Geoff Bicknell: extragalactic jets from active galaxies
Associate Professor Roland Crocker: gas flows in the Milky Way
Dr. Ivo Seitenzahl: supernovae; optical astronomy

Monash University
Professor Csaba Balazs: particle physics/dark matter theory
Associate Professor Duncan Galloway: neutron star binaries
Dr. Jasmina Lazendic-Galloway: supernove remnants

University of Sydney
Professor Celine Boehm: astroparticle physics, dark matter
Professor Anne Green: radio astronomy, supernova remnants
Dr. Shari Breen: high-mass star formation
Associate Professor Archil Kobakhidze: astroparticle physics