CTA-Australia Science

The most complete understanding of any astrophysical phenomenon comes when it is studies not just at one wavelength or energy, but over a range of wavelengths.

With this in mind, observations at other wavelengths assist with the interpretation and understanding of results from CTA. CTA-Australia has a focus on linking with Australian radio and optical programs, for example.

This multi-wavelength approach also is known as "multi-messenger" astronomy.



Welcome to the public site of the Australian contribution to the Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA)- the Next-Generation Gamma-Ray Observatory.

The CTA is a multi-national collaboration dedicated to the construction of two large arrays of atmospheric Cherenkov telescopes, one in the Northern Hemisphere, and one in the Southern Hemisphere.

The CTA will greatly extend our ground-based investigation of the universe in gamma-rays, the highest-energy photons which we are able to examine, giving us insight into some of the most energetic physical processes known.

What are Cherenkov telescopes?

Cherenkov telescope are specialised optical instruments that allow us to detect the very brief flashes of light that are produced following the entry of gamma-rays from an astronomical source into our atmosphere.


The Australian contribution to CTA

Australia contributes to CTA in a number of areas, including

  • Compact High-energy Camera (CHEC)
  • Atmospheric characterisation
  • Data analysis
  • Multi-messenger techniques